Funded Projects

PTDC/QUI-OUT/32572/2017 [2018-2021]. "Novos antivirais contra Influenza: validação do alvo NS1 e descoberta de compostos líder"

Agência de Inovação - I&DT - ICPME - Iniciativa Comunitária PME (projects in co-promotion) – Ref:  POCI-01-0247-FEDER-003431 [2016-2019]. “NEUROTERA – Para a introdução no mercado de novos agentes terapêuticos contra co-morbilidades oculares e cerebrais associadas à Paramiloidose”.

RECI/QEQ-QFI/0168/2012 [2013-2015] - FCT Competências2012 - "UC-NMR: a voyage from chemical space to biological function".

PTDC/QUI-QUI/122900/2010 [2012-2015]. "Fibrils, Interrupted: Inhibiting Deviant Protein-Protein Interactions in Amyloids". 

Cooperation Protocol UMIC/FCT-CNC [2010-2015]. "Ibercivis.pt – A volunteer computing platform for the Iberian Peninsula". 

SUDOE Territorial Cooperation Programme - SOE4/P1/E831 [2014-2015] - NEUROMED - "Diagnosis and treatment of three neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson, Phenylketonuria and TTR amyloidosis)". 

QREN, Sistema de Incentivos I&DT - Call SI-03-2011 (projects in co-promotion) - Contract 2011/021622 [2011-2015]. "AMILOTERA: Development and optimization of therapeutic agents against amyloid diseases by transthyretin". 

FP7 Research Infrastructures - RI-312902 [2012-2014]. "Society as e-Infrastructure through technology, innovation and creativity". 

Transnational Cooperation Portugal Spain in e-Science [2010-2012]. "Ibercivis, a volunteer computing platform for Science". 

PTDC/BIA-PRO/72838/2006 [2008-2010]. "Searching for high level rules in protein folding and unfolding: from amyloid diseases to protein structure prediction". 

PTDC/FIS/73578/2006 [2007-2010]. "Study of bioluminescence processes". 

GRID/GRI/81880/2006 [2007-2010]. "AspectGrid: Pluggable Grid Aspects for Scientific Applications".

GRID/GRI/81809/2006 [2007-2010]. "P-found: GRID computing and distributed data warehousing of protein folding and unfolding simulations". 

REEQ/481/QUI/2006. "Small Molecule High Resolution Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility". 

REEQ/1028/BIO/2005. "Protein Structure and Function". 

POCTI/BME/49583/2002. "Amyloid fibril formation by Transthyretin: searching for the amyloidogenic intermediates". 

POCTI/BIO/35685/2000. "The Role of Disulphide Bridges on Human Interleukin-4 Stability, Folding and Biological Activity".