Rui Fausto

Full Professor



The Research Group of Molecular Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics comprehends two Laboratories whose activity focuses on the use of spectroscopic and thermal analysis techniques for fundamental and applied research on molecular and materials’ structure and chemical reactivity:

Laboratory for Molecular Cryospectroscopy and Biospectoscopy (LCBM)

Coordinator:Rui Fausto M. R. S. Lourenço (rfausto@ci.uc.pt)

The LCBM develops advanced research activities and human resources training in the field of molecular spectroscopy. It is a reference laboratory in matrix isolation infrared spectroscopy and in Raman spectroscopy. It has also available state of the art instrumentation for fs time-resolved infrared spectroscopy. Research topics of interest of the LCBM include: Photochemistry and reactive intermediates, vibrationally-induced chemistry, quantum mechanical tunneling in organic chemistry, polymorphism, chemical analysis of meteorites and geological materials, and pattern-recognition based on spectroscopic data as auxiliary diagnostic methods in biomedicine.

Laboratory of Thermodynamics and Solid State Chemistry (LTQES)

Coordinator:Maria Ermelinda S. Eusébio (quierme@ci.uc.pt)

The Thermodynamics and Solid State Chemistry Laboratory is dedicated to the research and training of human resources in the areas of thermodynamics and solid state chemistry. A multidisciplinary approach using thermal, spectroscopic and computational methods is used in the fundamental and applied investigation of solid forms of organic compounds. Current research is focused on the thermodynamic and structural study of polymorphs and multicomponent pharmaceutical solids, with emphasis on solvent effects in the selective crystallization of polymorphs, on the rationalization of mesophase formation and on the investigation of co-crystals and co-amorphous phases with enhanced biopharmaceutical performance.