The Coimbra Chemistry Centre (Centro de Química de Coimbra, CQC) provides the research infrastructure of the Chemistry Department of University of Coimbra. Besides the two major infrastructures

that have been designed to serve both the CQC researchers and external users in the fields of laser-based sciences and NMR spectroscopy, respectively. The CQC is equipped with other state-of-the-art instrumentation for both experimental and computational work. Facilities include equipment for chemical synthesis and analysis, spectroscopy (including time-resolved instrumentation), thermodynamics, photochemistry, materials and soft matter characterization, biological systems investigation and advanced computational studies.

The CQC integrates also, though LaserLab Coimbra and NMR-UC, the Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of National Strategic Interest, and shares with the Physics Department of the University of Coimbra three additional scientific platforms (Cryogenic Facility, Microwave Spectroscopy, and Trace Analysis and Imaging Lab). The CQC has available a bioterium, for experiments with animals and a cell culture laboratory. Connection is also offered to the major parallel computing centre of the University of Coimbra (Navigator).

Within its outreach and “Science for all” activities, the CQC has also available a demonstration laboratory, designed to fulfil the requirement of young High-School students and their teachers.