Selected Publications

Cordeiro, M.M.; Filipe, H.A.L.; Santos, P.D.; Samelo, J.; Ramalho, J.P.P.; Loura, L.M.S.; Moreno, M.J. (2023) Interaction of Hoechst 33342 with POPC Membranes at Different pH Values. Molecules 28, 5640, DOI:10.3390/molecules28155640

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Filipe, H.A.L.; Loura, L.M.S.; Moreno, M.J. (2023) Permeation of a Homologous Series of NBD-Labeled Fatty Amines through Lipid Bilayers: A Molecular Dynamics Study. Membranes 13, 551, DOI:10.3390/membranes13060551

Oliveira, A.C.; Filipe, H.A.L.; Loura, L.M.S. (2023) Fluorescent Probes cis- and trans-Parinaric Acids in Fluid and Gel Lipid Bilayers: A Molecular Dynamics Study. Molecules 28, 2241, DOI:10.3390/molecules28052241

Moreno, M.J.; Salvador, A. (2023) Ligand’s Partition to the Lipid Bilayer Should Be Accounted for When Estimating Their Affinity to Proteins. Molecules 28, 3136, DOI:10.3390/molecules28073136

Moreno, M.J.; Filipe, H.A.L.; Cunha, S.V.P.; Ramos, C.V.; Martins, P.A.T.; Abel, B.; Loura, L.M.S.; Ambudkar, S.V. (2023) Interaction of a Homologous Series of Amphiphiles with P-glycoprotein in a Membrane Environment. Contributions of Polar and Non-Polar Interactions, Pharmaceutics 15, 174, DOI:10.3390/pharmaceutics15010174

Coelho, C.D.F.; Jesus, J.A.; Vaz, D.C.; Lagoa, R.; Moreno, M.J. (2022) BSA-PEG Hydrogel: A Novel Protein-Ligand Binding 3D Matrix, Medical Sciences Forum 11, 1, DOI:10.3390/BiTaP-12878

Cordeiro, M.M.; Salvador, A.; Moreno, M.J.(2022) Calculation of Permeability Coefficients from Solute Equilibration Dynamics: An Assessment of Various Methods, Membranes 12, 254, DOI:10.3390/membranes12030254

Magalhaes, N.; Simões, G.M.; Ramos, C.; Samelo, J.; Oliveira, A.C.; Filipe, H.A.L.; Ramalho, J.P.P.; Moreno, M.J.; Loura, L.M.S. (2022) Interactions between Rhodamine Dyes and Model Membrane Systems—Insights from Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Molecules 27, 1420, DOI:10.3390/molecules27041420

Moreno, M.J.; Loura, L.M.S.; Martins, J.; Salvador, A.; Velazquez-Campoy, A. (2022) Analysis of the Equilibrium Distribution of Ligands in Heterogeneous Media - Approaches and Pitfalls, International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23, 9757, DOI:10.3390/ijms23179757

Oliveira, A.C.; Filipe, H.A.L.; Ramalho, J.P.P.; Salvador, A.; Geraldes, C.F.G.C.; Moreno, M.J.; Loura, L.M.S. (2022) Modeling Gd3+ Complexes for Molecular Dynamics Simulations: Toward a Rational Optimization of MRI Contrast Agents, Inorganic Chemistry 61, 11837, DOI:10.1021/acs.inorgchem.2c01597

Pires, C.L.; Nascimento, S.F.; Rodrigues, E.T.; Godinho, L.P.; Churro, C.; Pardal, M.A.; Moreno, M.J. (2022) Bioavailability and Biotransformation of Paralytic Shellfish Toxins Assessed by Permeability Assays Using Caco-2 Monolayers, Medical Sciences Forum 11, 11, DOI:10.3390/BiTaP-12880

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Ramos, C.V.; Samelo, J.; Martins, P.A.T.; Moreno, M.J. (2022) Protein Quantification in Complex Matrices, J. Chem. Educ. 99, 1488, DOI:10.1021/acs.jchemed.2c00109

Silva, I., Machado, F., Moreno, M., Nunes, C., Coimbra, M., and Coreta-Gomes, F. (2021) Polysaccharide Structures and Their Hypocholesterolemic PoTential. Molecules 26, 4559 DOI: 10.3390/molecules26154559

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Moreno, M., Teles Martins, P., Bernardino, E., Abel, B., and Ambudkar, S. (2021) Characterization of the Lipidome and Biophysical Properties of Membranes from High Five Insect Cells Expressing Mouse P-Glycoprotein. Biomolecules 11, 426 DOI: 10.3390/biom11030426

Cunha, S., Filipe, H., Ramos, C., Martins, P., Abel, B., Ambudkar, S., Loura, L., and Joao Moreno, M. (2021) Interaction of a Homologous Series of Amphiphiles with P-Glycoprotein Containing Membranes. Biophysical Journal 120, 43a DOI: 10.1016/j.bpj.2020.11.508

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