Laser Lab

The laser lab has four different working stations, dedicated to transient absorption spectroscopy and photoacoustic calorimetry. The photoacoustic working stations comprises instrumentation for ms/ns/ps time resolved Photoacoustic Calorimetry. The Transient Absorption working stations have ns laser flash photolysis and fs pump-probe spectroscopy set-ups. It is possible to work at distinct temperatures and deal with solid and liquid samples. There are also shared facilities as part of the Coimbra Laser Lab.

Photobiology Lab

The photobiology lab is located at the Chemistry Department of the University of Coimbra and is fully equipped to work with different cell lines. Considering the group interests in the immune system, the lab has a flow cytometer and fluorescence microscopes. To study new contrast agents or anatomical features of mice and rats, a Vevo LAZR-X high resolution multi-modal in vivo imaging platform is available and located at the animal facility of the University of Coimbra.