Coimbra Chemistry Centre Day 2021

“The Coimbra Chemistry Centre Day 2021” will be held on the 15th December. This symposium will be a reference forum for promotion and discussion of the research developed at the Coimbra Chemistry Centre (CQC). The current edition aims to:

1) promote the exchange of knowledge between researchers working in diverse areas of research at the CQC;

2) increase the visibility of the research carried out at the CQC.

3)  bring together students and researchers from all areas of chemistry, in order to promote the discussion about the latest advances in this field, with special emphasis on the work developed by the CQC community.

The event is open to the entire scientific community, and the participation of students and young researchers is strongly encouraged.

The Coimbra Chemistry Centre Day also provides a unique opportunity to publicize research activities of the Coimbra Chemistry Centre to the scientific community and students of the University of Coimbra seeking to stimulate their curiosity and integration in research and development activities in the different fields of Chemistry.

(English will be the symposium's working language).

Registration is mandatory and free. Please register filling this online form:


Venue: Auditório da Reitoria da Universidade de Coimbra


Abstract Submission for Panel Communications

- Before submitting the abstract, your registration is mandatory.

- The first author or corresponding author must be registered. Resumes from authors not registered in the symposium will  NOT be accepted.

- Submission of resumes for panel communications: November 15, 2021 November 22, 2021.

- Abstracts must be sent to cqcday2021@gmail.com

- The abstract must be in MSWord format or compatible format, following the formatting of the attached template.

- The summary should be in English.

- If you wish to present more than 2 abstracts as main author, you must contact the organization (cqcday2021@gmail.com) to be informed about the conditions.

- The dimensions of the posters must follow the A0 format (84.1 x 118.9 cm).

CQC Day 2021 - Program


CQC Day 2021 - Symposium Book (get it)