Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo

Associate Professor with Habilitation



The overall objectives of the Organic Chemistry Group of the Coimbra Chemistry Centre are focused on contributing to the knowledge of synthetic and mechanistic organic chemistry with a strong focus on medicinal chemical applications.


One of the main scientific areas, Synthetic and Mechanistic Heterocyclic Organic Chemistry, is developed by the group coordinator, in collaboration with four PhD researchers (Américo Lemos, Isabel Soares, Ana Cardoso, Susana Lopes). PhDs Elisa Serra and Dina Murtinho have been carrying out studies on Asymmetric Catalysis and Green Chemistry is the main focus of Marta Pineiro’s research. Anthony Burke’s group has been particularly interested in the development of Sustainable Synthesis and Catalysis. This expertise is used in the search for new bioactive molecules, with particular emphasis on cancer, infectious diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.